Book Review For: My Fair Lover by Nicole Jordan

My Fair Lover: A Legendary Lovers Novel - Nicole Jordan

'My Fair Lover' by Nicole Jordan is Book Five in The "Legendary Lovers" series. This is the story of Lady Katherine Wilde and Brandon Deverill. I have read the other books in this series but feel this can easily be a standalone book.
Brandon is half American and half English and went to fight for the American side a few years back,in addition he was a pirate. But now his Uncle has died and left him an English Title and Brandon has come back to English to claim it along with finding a wife.
Kate and Brandon knew each other years ago when they were young. Kate even had a crush on him and before he left she offered herself to him. Brandon turned her down and Kate left hurt with her feelings crushed. Now about six years later Brandon has returned and at the request of her Aunt Lady Isabella Wilde 'Bella" she is to turn Brandon into a proper English Gentleman. In addition, Kate is to use her proven Match Making skills on Brandon to find him a wife. But Kate has a request of Brandon too. Kate's parents died in a ship wreck where she was saved with her siblings. Kate wants to go back to look at the wreck, possible find any jewelry that was left and place a headstone on her mother's grave.
But Brandon has Kate in mind for his wife but he knows after the hurt he caused he will have to go slowly winning her over. Also Kate says she will on marry for Love...can Brandon find such a feeling in his heart?
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."