Book Review For: Mr. Big by Delancey Stewart

Mr. Big - Delancey Stewart

'Mr. Big' by Delancey Stewart is the story of Oliver Cody and Holland O'Dell.
Oliver Cody started a business at an early age and was about to marry when he decided to walk away from it to 'find himself' leaving his dad and some other people in charge of the company. But now there was a bad accident that took his parents life that also took away what he thought he knew about himself. Now he is back at the company but not caring about it and thinking of selling off his shares.
Holland is a hard working women who fighting to get a job in a mans world. At first the way Oliver is dressed he looks like a surfer or bum. So the first time she officially sees him at the coffee house he pushes the coffee line to go right head of everyone else and then is short with the server. So Holland goes over to his table to let him have a piece of her mind. But what Oliver found is that Holland woke him up with his desire to have her and its the first thing he has cared about in along time. But can they both work through their issues to actually have a relationship?
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."