Book Review For: Rogues Like it Scot

Rogues Like it Scot (Must Love Rogues Book 5) - Eva Devon

'Rogues Like it Scot' by Eva Devon is Book Five in the "Must Love Rogues" series. This is the story of Damian Peterboro and Lady Andromeda Gateshead, Marchioness of Schollingbrook. This is my first book that I have read in this series so far, so for me this was a standalone book
Damian left London to head to India as a Captain on' His Majesty's Army' but left about three years later and heded to Asia and the Ottoman Empire. Damina had not been heard of since until a party at Andromeda where she was having Explorer and Poet Lord Peregrine Brinkley speak. Damian spoke out against all that Lord Brinkley was saying. Although Andromeda seem to agree that Lord Brinkley spoke of nonsense her and Damian butted heads.
Andromeda had a abusive relationship with her husband and now that he is dead... she feels free and her passion for hosting parties has given her a purpose. In addition, she is wealthy and is a sister to The Duke of Clyde so she has no need to remarry.
Damian has his own issue and the scars on his face and sole show that. Damian once was a friend to
The Duke of Clyde who is Andromeda's brother, but hasn't seen him in 20 years. But they pick up their friendship which leads him to get to know Andromeda more. Damian finds her very smart and beautiful.
This was a enjoyable easy read that I really enjoyed.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."