Book Review For: Disciplined by the Duke by Alyson Chase

Disciplined by the Duke (Lords of Discipline) - Alyson Chase

'Disciplined by the Duke' by Alyson Chase is the First Book in the New Series called " The Lords of Discipline". This is the story of Elizabeth 'Liz' Wilcox and Marcus the Duke of Montague.
Liz is trying desperately to save her sister who in locked up in prison for killing their father. The Earl of Westmore happen upon Liz when she was upset about her sister's imprisonment. The Earl offered to help her get her sister free if she but do a few 'things' for him. Of course Liz aggregated and did all of the illegal things he asked her to do but now the Earl has one last task for her to do. The Earl promises that this will be the last and her sister will be saved from being Hanged.
The Earl wants her to steal a letter with information that will help advance the Earl. Liz is to go and work as a Chambermaid in the Duke of Montague's house...there she will steal a letter to complete her job for him. Liz was once a sheltered Lady but now she doesn't feel so sheltered. Liz's physical innocents is still there but her mental is not longer.
Liz is taken back by how much Marcus does not at all appear to look like a Duke. Marcus does not dress as you would think one would and a normal Duke wouldn't be so strong. But Liz fights any feelings she has because she needs to save her sister at any cost.
Marcus is a man who observes people and looks for their secrets or differences. As someone who likes questionable sexual habits he has made it a priority to know if something isn't what it seems.
Liz in on of those things...she doesn't appear to be what she tries to say she is. In addition, Marcus has become fascinated by Liz and wants her...but can he have her?
Liz has the goal of freeing her sister, which can only be done she thinks if she steal from Marcus to satisfy the Earl.
I love historical Romance and you really don't see to many with BDSM tone to them. So this was a nice surprise...I wish we saw more of them. Overall Loved the Book...there was a few times I felt Liz might have done things differently and I really liked Marcus.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."