Book Review For: How to Marry a Marquess by Stacy Reid

How to Marry a Marquess (Wedded by Scandal) (Volume 3) - Stacy Reid

'How to Marry A Marquess' by Stacy Reid is Book Three in The "Wedded by Scandal" series. This is the story of Evie Chesterfield and Richard Maitland. I have read (and Loved!) the other books in this series but feel this is easily a standalone book.
Evie first met Richard when she was almost 16 years of age. Richard is her brother's friend but she had never met him until she sneaked out one night upset about her parents trying to marry her off to an older Duke. Richard happened upon her when she had been physically sick with upset about her parents plan. Richard and Evie hit is off after he told her how to turn the Duke's attention away from her. They both agreed they would be friends...which they did.
Richard once thought himself in love and wanted to marry the lady but they lady in question had her heart set on a title. Richard at the time was a Second Son and had no such Title. Richard was heart broken and vowed to never marry. Richard does not trust or think that Love is true.
Richard really likes Evie but she is the darling of the Town and of late even with a Title that he inherited he knows being something more that his frined would ruin her. In addition, he doesn't want to loose their friendship...but it hard to keep is desire for her to himself.
I so love the friendship between Richard and Evie an how it slowly build into more. Richard for all his talk of not wanting to love he had a big heart for the less fortunate.
This is a book you will not be able to put down!! Loved it!
Wedded by Scandal:,
Book 1: Accidentally Compromising the Duke,
Book 2: Wicked in His Arms,
Book 3: How to Marry a Marquess,

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