Book Review For: The Last Gamble by Anabelle Bryant

The Last Gamble (Bastards of London, Book 3) - Anabelle Bryant

'The Last Gamble' by Anabelle Bryant is Book Three in the "Bastards of London" series. This is the story of Luke Reese and Georgina. I have read (and loved) the other books in this series, but feel you can make it a standalone book if you choose to do so.
Georgina is on her own after leaving London due to an issue that happened to her there. Georgina has taken up being a Governess for Lord Dursley who has a nephew named Nathaniel 'Nate'. But Lord Dursley and the family has moved on and she is just on her own when Luke finds her.
Luke Reese is the part owner of The Underworld, which is a Gaming addition he is Illegitimate...aka a Bastard.
Luke confronts her, wanting to find out information on Nate. Luke son Nate was taken by his half brother, Lord Dursley several months ago. Georgina was very shocked to hear that the father she thought was dead is not and that Nathaniel was actually taken.
Georgina offers her help but when Luke ask that she goes with him to London to help look for his son, Georgina refuses. As we know...Georgina has her own issues in London.
Luke find Georgina to be a caring and beautiful women who he is finding hard to fight his feelings for. But Luke knows too that Georgina appears to be more that just a Governess.
Georgina gives in to travel with Luke to help him find Nate...and along the way they find love.
Ms. Bryant writing makes you feel that you are apart of Luke and Georgina's as they get to their Happy Ending! Love it! ,
Bastards of London Series:,
Book 1: The Den Of Iniquity,
Book 2: Into the Hall of Vice,
Book 3: The Last Gamble,

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