Book Review For: 'I DO(N'T)' by LEDDY HARPER

I Do(n't) - Leddy Harper
'I DO(N'T)' by LEDDY HARPER is the story of Janelle and Holden.
This is the brother's best friend story type romance, where Janelle has had a crush on Holden since she was little. Even constantly writing her last name as his and daydreaming of him. Janelle and Holden were always friends through them growing up and she constantly leaned on him. But when she was 18 years old while Holden and her family were all in Las Vegas, they ended up sleeping together. Both it appeared had drank to much and Janelle didn't remember any of it..and was really shocked when she woke up the next morning. Janelle didn't handle it well and Holden was shocked and upset that she didn't remember it. Holden up and left the hotel and avoided Janelle for 5 years. Janelle was hurt but his leaving and his avoidance of her.
Now 5 years later Janelle has learned something that happened that night that he didn't mention...and she is really upset. So Janelle goes forward to confront him which only brings back their feelings that they both had at the time. 

"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read." ,