Book Review For: Stone Cold Fox Evangeline Anderson

Stone Cold Fox (Cougarville) - Evangeline Anderson

'Stone Cold Fox' by Evangeline Anderson is Book Three in the "Cougarville" series.
I have read the other books in this series bu feel this is easily a standalone book.
This is the story of Jo Ferrel and Reese Cooper.
Jo is a witch that her and her fellow witches only practice White Magic. Unknown to Jo and the other, Jo has started a rejuvenation process which some women when they reach a certain age go through. The process set in motion the women looking and feeling way younger than her actual age..with a few other side effects. Since her fellow witches didn't know anything about this process they accused Jo of doing black magic and kicked her out of the groups. So Jo has been on her own with something that seems to be following her that she feels in threatening her. While running she comes to be in Reese shed feeling at a lost.
Reese was sort of expecting someone in his shed because of the local pharmacist / future teller who told him to go home that there would be someone there for him to meet. At first Reese's Fox was showing an emotional upset that the Jo was upset Once Reese calmed her down some and cleaned up the weeks of running from her shadow... he himself is lost. Reese only want's to keep her safe and to claim her.
Hot Paranormal story that I enjoyed.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."