Book Review For: TO CROWN A BEAST by R. Scarlett

To Crown A Beast (Blackest Gold) (Volume 4) - R Scarlett

'TO CROWN A BEAST' by R. Scarlett is book Four in the "Blackest Gold" series. This continues the story of Tensley and Molly. I really do feel you need to read the other books in this series to full enjoy this story. 'To Crown A Beast' picks up right were the other book 'Vow of Thorns' left off. Molly is dealing with the shock of what just happened to Tensley or what used to be Tensley. The beast as actually taken over and he was the Crown no like Tensley who just wanted her. The beast wants both it seems. So Molly is trying to deal with getting Tensley back and to keep his 'business' running. Molly will do anything to get by Tensley.
I don't want to say to much to give away to many details of this book. But there is some battling to get the Crown and the 'New' Tensley trying to deal with his need for Molly and his refusal to give up the Crown.
Very exciting romance story for sure! But this does end with a 'Happy Ever After"!
I have loved this series so like a hunting game to find the next book...and such excitement when you do! Can't wait for the next book by Ms. Scarlett!

Blackest Gold Series:,
Book 1: Vein Of Love ,
Book 2: Body of The Crime,
Book 3: A Vow of Thorns,
Book 4: To Crown A Beast,
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."