Book Review For: Eyes of the Seer by Ashley York

Eyes of the Seer (The Derbfine Series #2) - Ashley York

'Eyes of the Seer' by Ashley York is the story of Astrid and Marcán. This is book Two in the series "Descendants of the High King". The first book was "Curse of the Healer" which dealt with Astrid's brother Diarmuid. This book does run parallel to the other book but you don't have to have read that book to enjoy this book....but it was a great book.
Marcán is Astrid brother's best friend and she as known him a long time. Diarmuid, Astrid's brother and Marcán are very protective of her, and seem to deter away any suitors. But Astrid's mother wants to live with another clan that Padraig is associated with. Astrid does have a small crush on Padraig, who she feels would be a good husband. So Astrid goes forward with her mother's demand that she land him for a husband. But her attempt to get him alone is stopped by Marcán. Marcán tries to talk to her about men just wanting to use her and not actually take her for a wife. But between her mother and her strong desire to be married she attempts to talk to Padraig again leads her to almost be attacked by him...if it wasn't for one of her clansman saving her. But she doesn't tell her clansman what actually happened to protect that clansman and to not cause a issue.
But Marcán and her brother knows something happened...and her mother still thinks to marry her off to him. But Astrid's mother has her heart set on her daughter getting into Padraig's clan.
Diarmuid knew early on that his heart was given to Astrid but she doesn't see him as a man. So he thinks that he will have to watch her marry another. But Astrid is starting to know that her feelings for Diarmuid are just as strong as his.
Another Great Story by Ms. York!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."