Book Review For: The Alpha's Arrangement by Ryan Michele

'The Alpha's Arrangement' by Ryan Michele is the story of Carter and Izzy.
This book is about 115 it a nice quick read!
Izzy has just moved to the mountains of Montana after being in the City most of her life. Izzy is trying to fit in when she goes to the local grocery store to stock her new house. The people there look at her and know she is a new person and Izzy tries to smile and be friendly. But when she hits the meat department there are two huge men there that when they sense her they both turn around. Carter stops the other guy from making a move toward her but Carter starts asking her if she is moved in and demands to help her. That is just the start of Carter and his Alpha ways. Carter knows when Izzy hits the town that she is his life mate and nothing will keep him from her.
I just love this Hot, Instant Alpha Love...and this story didn't disappoint.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."