Book Review For: Blackthorne's Bride by Joan Johnston

Blackthorne's Bride - Joan Johnston
'Blackthorne's Bride' by Joan Johnston is Book Four in the "Mail-Order Brides" series This is the story of Marcus and Josie. I have read the other books in this series, but feel this can be a standalone book . Marcus saved Josie from Indians when she was younger and he nurser her back to health on the ship back to England. Marcus had promised her that she would be sent back to America when she was able to travel again. He left instructions with his soon to be brother in-law to send her home. Marcus was to marry and felt his new wife wouldn't understand his connections to Josie. About two years later Marcus's wife has died and he is in need of a new wife with a good bit of money. Josie has been kept on a poor estate of Marcus and left work as a maid. But her family has just found her and she has money now. Josie has grown close to the two little boys who have been left at the estate with her...that are Marcus nephews. Josie plan is to offer Marcus money in exchange for the boys but when she shows up he thinks she is there to become his wife. Which set in to motion Josie new plan to take the boys with her as their Aunt. But will she be able to leave? Will Marcus be upset when he finds out who she really is and how she was treated?