Book Review For: My Hellion, My Heart Amalie Howard, Angie Morgan

My Hellion, My Heart (Lords of Essex) (Volume 3) - Amalie Howard, Angie Morgan

'My Hellion, My Heart' by Amalie Howard, Angie Morgan is Book Three in the "Lords of Essex" series. This is the story of Lord Henry Radcliffe and Princess Irina Volkonsky. I have read the other stories (and loved them!) but I feel this can easily be a standalone book.
Irina has been in love with Henry since she was a young girl around the age of 14. But Henry only saw her as a young girl and his mother's ward. Even when she had her coming out he didn't seem to take notice of her. Now she is coming back to London after being away for awhile. Max her best friend has set up a wager on who will win her hand in Marriage. Max did tell Irina of his plan to do the wager and Irina thought it might be a way to bring out Henry to acknowledge her.
Henry has been fighting his past when he was help captive that caused him scars inside and out. Dealing with his inside pain with outside pain via the bedroom and elsewhere. When he first sees Irina again at her coming out he at first doesn't recognizes her and approaches her. When he does recognizes her he tries to brush her off and hurry away. Not wanting her to know the intense desire he felt for her. Now she is back, and his mother is making demands that he move forward and marry. But he can only think of Irina but he doesn't want to hurt her.
Henry did go back and forth with his feelings with treating Irina but overall I understood he was fighting demons inside himself. Irina was a good strong heroine that I enjoyed watching her story play out.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."