Book Review For: The Lady's Guard Sinful Brides, Book 3 by Christi Caldwel

The Lady's Guard (Sinful Brides) - Christi Caldwell

"The Lady's Guard' By Christi Caldwell is book Three in the "Sinful Brides" series. This is the story of Lady Diana Verney and Niall. I have read the previous books in this series but feel you can read this as a standalone. But I would also say this has been a great series so you might not want to miss out on reading them all.
Diana is the half sister of Ryker Black. whose story played out in book two "The Scoundrel's Honor". Diana doesn't really know her half brother because he was a illegitimate child along with his full sister. Ryder owns a Gambling Hall alone with a few other being Niall. Diana has a feeling someone is trying to kill her after she had so many 'accident' and strange happenings at her home. Her father doesn't believe anything is going on so Diana sneaks out one night to go to Ryder's Hall to ask for his help. Ryder's help came in the form of Niall as a bodyguard until they can find out if there is someone after her.
Niall is a hard type of man due to him growing up on the streets and being bullied into hurting people to stay alive. So he doesn't want to watch over a "Princess" while they find no one is threatening her. But their time together they find they aren't so different after all.
Ms. Caldwells books always deserves more that 5 Stars....she puts allot emotions for me in her books. I honestly couldn't put it down! Loved it!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."