Book Review For: Deceiver Robin by Lovett

Deceiver: A Dark Revenge Romance (Dark Romance Trilogy) - Robin Lovett

'Deceiver" is book Two in the "A Dark Revenge Romance" Series. This is the story of Daisy Nowell and Blake Vandershall. I have read the previous book and feel that this can be a standalone book, if you choose to do so. Blake is out to get revenge on the man he thinks help cover up his father's dark past. Part of the plan to hurt the man is to go after his daughter, Daisy. Blake had met Daisy before although she doesn't seem to remember him at first. Blake had been attracted to her but now she has tried to down play her looks some. Daisy is trying to help her father with is law firm. Daisy's father is having some health issues. Daisy is attracted to Blake instantly too and doesn't know at first what he is up to. Daisy did hear him having a heated conversation with her father, but her attraction and curiosity as to what he is up to makes her go forward with seeing him again.
Blake's main focus was to be on the father but Daisy is making that hard to do.
A Dark Revenge Romance Book order:
Book 1: Stranger, a dark stalker romance
Book 2: Deceiver, a dark revenge romance
Book 3: Keeper, a dark captive romance
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."