Book Review For: Destiny by Faith Starr

Purity (Hilltops Book 2) - Faith Starr

'Destiny' by Faith Starr by Faith Starr is Book Two in the "Hilltops" series. This is the story of Derek Dorian and Emily Jenkins. I have not yet read the previous book so for me this was a standalone book.
This is my first book by Ms. Starr but this one makes me want to find more of her books. Yes, this was a very hot read since it deals with Hilltop a sex club that Derek and his family run. But this story had a lot more to it...I thought. Emily is a shy girl always seems to be in a shadow of her twin sister. Emily is very smart and wants to go further in writing Romance books. So she has taken a job at Dorian Publishing which is also owned by Derek and his family. Derek has never noticed her before but Emily sure noticed him.
Derek likes a certain type of women and Emily doesn't come close to the women he normally goes for....but she has something that he can't seem to look away from. Although it would be hard for Derek to miss her during a family meeting when she came in to serve drinks and his ended up on his lap. From the moment she bent down to clean him up...he hasn't been able to stop thinking of her. Now that Derek has taken notice of her.....where can this lead?
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."