Book Review For: Bitch Slap by J. Kenner

Bitch Slap - J. Kenner

'Bitch Slap' by J. Kenner is the story of Pierce and Jez.
Pierce is a one night stand guy after his engagement fell apart and has been happy that way for a long time. Pierce even joked that he could write a book about why one night stands are better than dating and a relationship. Jez is all business and is trying to oversea her sister career and now the fall out of her sister choices in relationships.
Pierce is trying a new hookup App when he enters a restaurant to meet a women who he only knows as 'J'. Pierce gathers that Jez is the women he is to meet and they go to the bar to talk. Jez thinks she is interviewing Pierce for a possible security job for her sister. When he goes on about this being one night she gets up and walks away since she needs at list three weeks. It doesn't take Pierce long to find out he had the wrong women. But he is curious about Jez so he goes forward to find out information about her which leads them to meet again.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."