Book Review For: Shattered King by Sherilee Gray

'Shattered King' by Sherilee Gray is book Two in the "Lawless Kings" series. This is the story of Hunter King and Luscinda 'Lulu'
Lulu and Hunter were in a relationship but they both actually had trouble family life. Lulu had to do the unthinkable to Hunter and he was sent to prison for about three years for something he didn't do. Lulu went into hiding immediately after what she did to Hunter...who she really had not choice to do. Hunter is now out and looking to get back and Lulu and her Stepfather for what happened to him. Lulu is only coming out of hiding to see her mother one last time before she passes away due to cancer. Just enough time for Hunter to catch her.
This has some dark scene in it when Hunter is blaming Lulu for what happened to him and before he knew her reasons for what she did. But overall I enjoyed this book.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."