Book Review For: Three Weeks with a Princess by Vanessa Kelly

Three Weeks with a Princess - Vanessa Kelly

'Three Weeks with a Princess' by Vanessa Kelly is book Two in the "The Improper Princesses" series. I have read the previous book and feel this can be a standalone book. This is the story of Lia Kincaid and Jack Easton the Marquess of Lendale. Lia is the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of York and her mother was a famous actress but was never acknowledged by the Duke. Lia was raised by her Grandmother, who was the mistress of the older Marquess of Lendale. Jack was the nephew of the former Marquess of Lendale and since his pasting has become the new Marquess of Lendale. Jack and Lia knew each other growing up and were great friends. Jack knew Lia and her Grandmother were staying at the Dowager house cottage because his Uncle was in love with Lia Grandmother. Jack is now dealing with what his Uncle has left the manor and the estate in....which isn't good. The previous Marquess didn't leave anything thing to Lia or her grandmother. So Lia knows with the estate in such a mess that Jack wouldn't really be able to support her or her grandmother....and she doesn't think it would be fair anyway. What she must do is find a 'protector' but can Jack be that for her? Would Jack Let her go to find another one?
I so loved this book! Jack and Lia were the best main characters have read in a while. I liked their back and forth battering. How they cared for each other....just everything about them!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."