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Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance - Robin Lovett
Stranger: A Dark Stalker RomanceStranger: A Dark Stalker Romance by Robin Lovett
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'Stranger' by Robin Lovett is book One in the New Series " A Dark Stalker Romance". This is the story of Logan and Penny.
Penny just lost her father just a few months ago which she is finding emotionally upsetting. Although they were not that close he was still her father. Her brother though seems to hate their father and doesn't understand her feelings. One day she happens to see a man on her lunch break just standing their looking at her. Penny does nothing but see him again when she gets off this goes on for almost a week before she confronts him. Logan has been watching Penny and waiting for her to approach him. Logan hated Penny's father and now feels like his revenge on her father would have to come through Penny. When he tries to tell her what her father has done she doesn't listen and walks away. But she slowly comes back to him another day to listen. Although she is reluctant to believe him, she does believe his threats to tell the media.
Their relationship starts with blackmail but it slowly starts to grow into love and for these two lost soles to come together. Although their story has a happy ending her this book does lead you into the second book with a small tease into that second book.
A Dark Stalker Romance:
Stranger, Book 1
Deceiver, Book 2
Keeper, Book 3
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