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The Alabaster Hip (The Regency Romp Trilogy Book 3) - Maggie Fenton;Margaret Foxe
The Alabaster Hip (The Regency Romp Trilogy Book 3)The Alabaster Hip by Maggie Fenton
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'The Alabaster Hip' by Maggie Fenton is book Three in The Regency Romp Trilogy. This is the story of Miss Minerva Jones and Evelyn Leighton, Viscount Marlowe. I have read the other books in this series (and loved them!) but feel this is easily a standalone series.
Minerva has had a run of bad luck for a while. When the man she hopes to marries goes off to war but doesn't come back she settles into the mind set that she won't marry. Although his brother also lost his wife to be he talks to her about marrying him. But Minerva sticks to her mind set of not marrying. Now Minerva is working at a school as a teacher where there are these two little sisters who keep doing pranks and getting into trouble. Although some of them Minerva finds funny she knows to be strong around the girls. Their father who is Viscount Marlowe is also a character. Minerva had a run in with him at a ball where Marlowe and another man got into a fight which caused a women to faint on Minerva. So, along with some other questionable things with Marlowe has done, Minerva knows he is trouble. But one night after the girls pull another stunt she starts thinking about him and his past issues...he appears at her window. At first she doesn't recognize him and she starts to defend herself. Which starts a comic struggle between the two which in turns gets them caught by the schools staff. It appears that Marlowe was trying to sneak into the school to take back his daughters when he choose the wrong window. Now he has gotten Minerva fired from her teach position but later offers her a job in his house hold teach his girls. Minerva accepts due to no real choice...which open her up to more of his and his daughter's behavior.
Once Minerva felt board at the school but that about to change entering into his household.
This was another great book by Ms. Fenton. Ms. Fenton books offer some light and funny scenes with allot of love in those pages too. Hope to see more book soon by Ms. Fenton.
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