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Her Favorite Duke (The 1797 Club) (Volume 2) - Jess Michaels
Her Favorite Duke (The 1797 Club #2)Her Favorite Duke by Jess Michaels
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'Her Favorite Duke' by Jess Michaels is book Two in "The 1797 Club" series. This is the story of Simon Greene, Duke of Crestwood and Margaret 'Meg' Rylon. I have read the other book in this series but feel it is easily a standalone book.
Meg, Simon, Graham and her brother James have all been friends since childhood. But Meg has always felt more for Simon and hope that one day he would too. But when she turns 16 her father dies and now James her brother wants to make sure that she has a secure future if something happens to him. So unknown to Meg a first he talks his friend Graham into marrying her. When he makes the announcement Meg is hurt at first since Simon was her love and hope that he would speak up...but he didn't. So Meg assumes that her feelings are only one sided and moves forward to accept the engagement to make her brother happy. Now about seven years later her brother James is married and is wanting Meg to move forward with her engagement to Graham but actually getting married. But her and Graham have lost some of their close friendship and Meg is still in love with Simon but she agrees to set a wedding date for Christmas.
Simon is still harboring feelings of love for Meg...but still doesn't want to cause any upset to his friends. But when he and Meg get caught in a situation that leaves them together they are forced to marry. Meg and Simon give into their passion but Simon is being guarded with his feelings toward Meg. Simon is feeling guilty for how things turned out, since he feels it caused allot of hurt to his friends.
The 1797 Club series:
The Daring Duke, Book 1
Her Favorite Duke, Book 2
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