Book Review For: Eloping with the Princess Robyn DeHart

Eloping With The Princess (Brotherhood of the Sword) - Robyn DeHart

'Eloping with the Princess' by Robyn DeHart is book three in the "Brotherhood of the Sword" series. This is the story of Viscount Jason Ellis and Isabel Crisp. I have read the other book but this book can be a standalone book. In the previous book we meet Lilith Crisp, Lady Thornton and Gabriel Campbell, Duke of Lynford. Lilith is Isabel's aunt my marriage who was also kept on a stronghold by Isabel's Uncle Thornton. Isabel's only had her Uncle to be her family and he always kept her in school and she had to call him by his title. Now he has past and Lilith has come to take her away from school but not before someone tries to take her. Luckily Gabriel was there and suggested that she stay with his friend Jason Ellis. Jason is a fellow member of the Brotherhood of the Sword, and could keep her safe while they look into who is trying to take her. Its later learned that Isabel is the last royal family member from the island nation of Saldania. To keep her safe Jason agrees to marry Isabel but since he learned early in his youth that he is actually a bastard and his father was the stable master. With that in mind, Jason planned on never having children so his nephew would inherit the Title. So Jason only agrees to a 'Name Only' marriage with Isabel. But it hard to fight their growing attraction!
Series Order:
Book #1 Undercover with the Earl
Book #2 Dueling With the Duke
Book #3 Eloping With The Princess
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