Book Review For: How to Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days Harmony Williams

How To Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days (Ladies of Passion) - Harmony Williams

'How to Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days' by Harmony Williams is book Two in the "Ladies of Passion" series. This is the story of Julian Beckwith and Francine Annesley.
Francine is down to the wire in finding a husband since she has been on the marriage mart for several seasons. Now this season will be over in just 10 days, so the pressure is really on now.
During one of these balls she runs into Julian who has been gone for 10 years. Julian had been great friends with Francine when growing up and they have kept in touch through letters..but have not actually seen each other in years. So Francine didn't recognize him since he has changed so much.
Francine's mother likes him but she pretty much made it clear that she wants Francine to marry into a Title which Julian doesn't really have.
Can these friends become something more?
Series Order:
Book #1 How to Play the Game of Love
Book #2 How to Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days
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