'Taming the CEO' by Hayson Manning

Taming the CEO - Hayson Manning

'Taming the CEO' by Hayson Manning is the story of Daisy Cater and Alexander “Zan” Gillard.
Zan and Daisy are both after the St. Maarten resort. To have a chance at getting the resort the owner request that they play along with the single type dating scene for four days. Daisy has been keep tabs on Zan since he is a competing business. Daisy figured that he too would be after the resort so it wasn't to big of a surprise to see him the week that she is there. Daisy thinks if they 'partner' for the couples activities it will help keep her enemy closure. Zan remembers meeting Daisy at a costume party about 6 months ago...they kissed and Zan hasn't been able to forget it. But this is all business on this trip to win the resort and the bet that him and Daisy had made. Also, Zan has been slowly gathering enough of Daisy business to take it over...something Daisy ins't aware of yet.
Zan and Daisy are to opposites attract story for sure. Zan is the carefree, no rules, no list have fun kid of guy. Daisy is nothing but business suits, list and playing by the rules.
It was fun watching these two come together and also how they deal with betray.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."


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