Book Review For: 'Blaze' by Donna Grant

Blaze - Donna Grant

'Blaze' by Donna Grant is book 11 in the "Dark Kings" series. This is the story of Anson and Devon. I have been jumping in and out of this series so for me this was a standalone book.
Anson is a Dragon King shapeshifter who is trying to get the jump on a company called Kyvor with a hacker that tried to break into their company. To do so they need to get Devon on their side to get the secrets of that company...and to help bring it down. Anson and his crew start slowly at first trying to bring doubt into Anson business world. Devon is on the fast track at Kyvor but is unaware of what some of the things that company does. Anson is opening her eyes to allot of things that have been going on.
Anson isn't to excited with humans, but he is finding Devon who is a human hard to resist. Devon who loved to be in a relationship but hasn't found a man yet that isn't imitated by her and her job.
Will Anson be the man/Dragon for her?
Ms. Grant writes so exceptional stores that take you into a very exciting 'world'. This book was another hard to put down story...loved it.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."