Book Review For: Positively Pippa by Sarah Hegger

Positively Pippa (The Ghost Falls Series) - Sarah Hegger

'Positively Pippa' by Sarah Hegger is book One in the "Ghost Falls" series. This is the story of Pippa Turner and Matt Evans.
Pippa left her hometown for L.A right after high school. There she started working on a Hollywood show and also met Ray. All was going great it seemed until her Ray, her boyfriend/producer humiliated her. Pippa up and left town and headed by to her hometown of Ghost Falls. Pippa plans to stay with her Grandmother Philomene 'Phil'. There she is quickly reunited with her long ago crush Matt. Matt is a contractor and has made a friend of her Grandmother. So her Grandmother just so happened to have a water link on the sink the same time Pippa comes through the door. While Pippa thinks about getting her life back together she looks to Matt as a possible diversion. Pippa never acted on her crush for him and now might be the right time for some hot action.
Matt and Pippa had a very playful attitude toward each other. Phil the Grandmother was a hoot. Overall this was a nice coming home book with a second chance at love story.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."