Book Review For: Touched By Danger Wendy Vella

Touched By Danger (A Sinclair & Raven Novel Book 3) - Wendy Vella

'Touched By Danger" by Wendy Vella is book Three in the "A Sinclair & Raven Novel " series. This is the story of Essex Sinclair and Max Huntington. I have not yet read the other books in this series (which I hope to fix shortly) so for me this was a standalone book.
Essex, her brothers and sisters all have a heighten fixture about them...and Essex is taste. But she has always felt the wicker of the family. Although she is them much loved person to come to for healing and comfort she still fills she is the weakest person in her family. While in her garden a man whose name she later finds out is Max, falls in her garden. She and her brother realize he has been shot and she does all she can to save him. When he wakes up and starts to feel better she finds she is attracted to him but she has been hurt before by a handsome face who lied.
Max knows someone is out to kill him just as the bullet in his side shows him. Max is very thankful to Essex and her family. Max finds Essex very beautiful and has a hard time fighting how he is feeling about her. But Max doesn't collect people and he doesn't want emotional ties it seems to anyone.
This book had drawn me in so fast that I couldn't put it down. In addition I loved the story so much I have to find the other books in this series. I so enjoyed the secondary characters too!
Highly recommend this book!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."