Book Review For: A Counterfeit Heart K. C. Bateman

A Counterfeit Heart (Secrets & Spies #3) - K.C. Bateman

'A Counterfeit Heart' by K. C. Bateman is book Three in the "Secrets and Spies" series. This is the story of Sabine de la Tour and Richard Hampden, Viscount Lovell.
Sabine has been pretending to be "Philippe Lacorte" a famous forger. No one but a friend knows who she really is. With things chancing with Napoleon and her country she has decided to go to the enemy...Hampden.
Hampden has been trying to catch Philippe Lacorte forever but now he has been looking for him so that they could work together now. Hampden is surprised when Sabine comes to his door at night to talk to him. At first Hampden thought she was coming to ask to be his new mistress. But Sabine ask question about what he plans to do if Philippe Lacorte comes to him. Hampden makes it clear that he would like to work with him and use his services as a forger for England. Sabine has been wanting to no longer be a criminal and go legit with her work...and this is that chance.
Sabine proves to him that she is "Lacorte" and that she will work with him if he agrees to her demands. Which he does..but comes back with some demands of his own.
This is one of those books you cannot put down!
I have been in Love with Ms. Bateman's writing from the first book I read of hers. So I was so happy to see this book and it is a great book for this series. I just hope to see more of her work soon.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."