Review For: Marrying the Wrong Earl by Callie Hutton

Marrying the Wrong Earl - Callie Hutton

'Marrying the Wrong Earl' by Callie Hutton is book Two in the "Lords and Ladies in Love" series. This is the story of Lady Arabella Danvers and Nash, the Earl of Clarendon. I have read the previous book 'Seducing the Marquess" but feel this can easily be a standalone book. With that said I will updated you on the characters in this book: Nash is the brother of Lady Eugenia Devon who was the Leading Lady in the first book and Arabella was a friend of Eugenia. But Nash and Arabella didn't really mix much at all in that first book.
Arabella mother is trying to marry her off quickly due to the fact that her husband...Arabella's father died and left them with little to no money. Arabella doesn't know this part but does know her mother is trying to marry her off fast. But Arabella isn't looking for marriage as quickly and turns the suitors away. The town thinks she is a Odd Girl because she likes to take care of sick animals. Arabella knows it will be hard to find someone will to take on her odd behavior.
Nash is the proper Lord who is looking for a biddable wife who is young and can be 'trained' in her duties as his wife. Nash has Lady Grace in mind for that title. Although he doesn't love her he feels she can be brought up to scratch with what he wants.
When an odd encounter with Arabella where he is forced to help her get her cat down from a tree he quickly knows she isn't the type of women he would want as a wife.
Arabella knows too that Nash is not the one for her too.
But an accidentally set up might have them forced to think something else!
This was another Great Story by Ms. Hutton! Loved it!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."