Review For: To Seduce a Stranger by Susanna Craig

To Seduce a Stranger - Susanna Craig

'Review For: To Seduce a Stranger' by Susanna Craig is book Three in the "Runaway Desires" series. This is the story of Charlotte Blakemore and Edward Cary. I have read the other books but feel this is easily a standalone book.
Edward left home when he was a child because he overheard his mother talking that she will leave her abusive husband once Edward is a away and safe at school. Edward knew he would leave for school for two years. So Edward thinks to leave to help make his mom safe. Now 22 years later he is back from Antigua to make his way home. But before he gets there he runs into Charlotte who tells him that she is traveling alone...and is a lady's maid. Edward feels that she is hiding something from him.
Charlotte was living with a Aunt when she met the Duke who was in his seventies at the time. The Duke asked her to marry him as he knew that Charlotte wasn't happy living with her Aunt. But now the Duke has past and he has left her a very large portion of his money. This has made her an enemy of her Step-Son who calls her a 'French Whore'. Charlotte has grown worried that he intends to do something and she tries to go into hiding. This is how she met Edward. Now Edward has taken her to his home and is pretending to be married.
Very interesting story from the start!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."