Review For: The Lady and the Highlander

The Lady and the Highlander (A Highland Fairytale) - Lecia Cornwall

'The Lady and the Highlander' by Lecia Cornwall is book Three in the "A Highland Fairytale' series.
This is the story of Laire MacLeod and Iain Lindsay. I have read the previous books but this is easily a standalone book.
Laire's father has married for the 8th time in attempts to get a son. His new wife Bibiana and her servants seems to posing Laire's family. They are trying to make her drink this red wine that her father and sisters have been drinking which is making them act funny. Laire only drinks water so now they are trying to force her to drink this wine. Laire goes on the run to try to find help.
Iain is one of Bibiana's servants but we learn that he is cursed with a bargain to be in her service for 7 years...which is ending soon. Iain has seen what Bibiana does with the other 13 husbands she has had. Iain tries not to look the victims in the eye and waits his time to be over. But right from the start Laire is one he can't ignore and goes forward to try to help her. We learn that a past issue is what has brought Iain to be in the hold of Bibiana but will be able to get away from her power?
Can Laire save her family and help Iain to live happy again?
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."