Review For: I Dared the Duke

I Dared the Duke - Anna Bennett

'I Dared the Duke' by Anna Bennett is book Two in the "The Wayward Wallflowers" series. This is the story of Alexander 'Alex' Savage, the Duke of Blackshire and Miss Elizabeth 'Beth' Lacey. I have read the previous book "My Brown-Eyed Earl" but feel this is easily a standalone book. Beth is the sister of Meg who was the main character in the first book. Beth and her other two sister were consider Wallflowers by the town and Beth is okay with that.
Beth is doing a favor for her Uncle Alistair by being a companion to the Dowager Duchess of Blackshire, who is her Uncle's friend. It is only a temporary job to escort the Duchess to various functions and ease her loneliness now that her niece has married and moved away. Beth is known for having a soft heart and taking in animals and people so this is just the thing Beth needs too... to feel helpful. Beth and her sister had a somewhat tough time after their parents died, so Beth is not only soft but a strong women who does stand up for herself and others.
Alex on the other hand seems to have a temper, short on words, somewhat injured inside and all around tough guy. When someone is out to hurt him he doesn't want the Duchess who is his Grandmother hurt in the process of find out who is behind this. Alex just coldly seems to tell them what he plans to do about the Duchess but Beth isn't haven't it. Beth thinks at first he just wants the Duchess away so he can be a Rake and not be around his Grandmother. But once Beth learns the truth she turns to help him the best she can.
I am totally in love with this series! Ms. Bennett is quickly become a top favorite author for me. Can't want for the next book in this series!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."