Review for : Fighting Attraction

Fighting Attraction - Sarah Castille

'Fighting Attraction' by Sarah Castille is book Four in the "Redemption" series. This is the story of Jack 'Rampage' and Penny 'Pen'. I have not yet read the other books in this series so for me this was a standalone book. I will say it appears these two met in a previous book as they are friends in this book.
Pen is from England but has many American friends. In addition, she also has an abusive past with very low self esteem. This has lead her to cut herself to release the pain. Pen is attracted to Jack but thinks he is to good for her and with her being a little bit heavy he wouldn't be interested. Jack is attracted to Pen but he is a member of Club Sin where he is a Dom and likes to discipline subs. Jack thinks this wouldn't be something Pen would be interested in as she seems to be a 'good girl'. But one night when Pen is serving court papers she see Jack at Club Sin. Pen is taken with Club Sin and would like Jack to introduce her to that life style.
This book took you to allot of levels with Pen being a former victim of abuse, self hurting and self esteem issue with Jack who also has past issue...but reading how they helped heal each other was great.
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