Review for: To Tame a Highland Earl

To Tame a Highland Earl   (A MacLean Highlander Novel #1) - Tarah Scott

This is one of the best books I have read from Tarah Scott and that is saying something...she writes really good highland books!!! This is the first book in the"MacLean Highlander " series. I found it to be a stand alone book, so don't worry if you are reading them out of order. This book made me laugh, cry and just fall in love with both characters!! The hero is Lord Erroll Rushton is both a highlander and a Englishmen. He is torn between to worlds. Our heroine is Miss Eve Crenshaw who has been compromised when Lord Erroll broke into her room at night. Eve is refusing to marry him due to the fact she wants a marriage of love. This sets off the story of our hero trying to bring Eve to agree to marry him.