Curse of the Healer

Curse of the Healer (The Derbfine Series #1) - Ashley York

'Curse of the Healer' by Ashley York is Book One in the "Descendants of the High King" series. This is the story of Aednat and Diarmuid. I cannot get enough of Ms. Yorks's books...she is one of my favorite authors. This book just added to my love of her writing.
Aednat has appeared in Ms. York's series: The Norman Conquest in the book "The Seventh Son " which was book Four. In addition, Sean is Aednat's cousin who took her in. We met Sean in the book titled "The Irish Warrior" in the same series: The Norman Conquest. But you don't have to have read that book to enjoy this one. But I will say that series was great so you might not want to miss out.
Aednat was a strong, loving, and she was also disabled somewhat with a club foot. Although it did not slow her down it did give her a limp and she was shunned by her family but a cousin named Sean, did take her in where she was given love and learned to be a healer. Sean now fears that Aednat life may be in danger and has asked his friend Diarmuid to come and help with her protection. Diarmuid tries to keep himself emotionally distant from her but its a battle he is not winning. Diarmuid did not really notice her disability and just saw Aednat as what she is...a loving, smart women.
This book you just couldn't put down...loved it! I can't wait for more books in this series!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."