My Darling, My Disaster

My Darling, My Disaster (Lords of Essex) - Angie Morgan, Amalie Howard

'My Darling, My Disaster' by Amalie Howard is book Two in the "Lords of Essex" series.  This is the story of Princess Svetlanka Volkonsky aka 'Lana' and Lord Graham Findlay, Viscount Northridge 'Gray'.  This book can be a standalone book but if you have read the first book "My Rogue, My Ruin" then you will see some of the same scene in this book...these book coincide.
 Svetlanka is a Princes and she overheard her Uncle reporting that he would be killing Svetlanka and her sister.  So Svetlanka  and her sister went on the run and now Svetlanka is posing as Lana a Ladies maid to Gray's sister.  Svetlanka has to stay undercover until there is evidence that her Uncle did kill his brother and now means to kill them.   Gray has his own secrets that he doesn't want anyone to know about that has made him swore off women for a while.  But Svetlanka 'Lana' and him are butting heads and Gray knows there is something more to Svetlanka than she is letting on.  
Enjoyed reading this book!  "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."