The Billionaire's Obsession: The Complete Collection Boxed Set

The Billionaire's Obsession - J. S. Scott

'The Billionaire's Obsession: The Complete Collection Boxed Set' by J. S. Scott.  This is the story of Kara and Simon.  
This as the title says is a box set that includes:
Mine For Tonight
Mine For Now
Mine Forever
Mine Completely
In addition it is only about 288 pages long.  So if you are looking for short, hot, alpha male along with a sweet female character than this is your set.  I enjoyed each book and as quickly as I finished one book in their story I had to read the next until I finished it in one sitting.  
Kara works for Simon's mother as a waitress at his mother's restaurant.  Simon has been watching Kara for about a year now and has become somewhat obsessed with her. But has never introduced himself to her.  One night while he is watching that she makes it home safe she gets sick and he quickly takes charge.  From there on out he pretty much takes over her life and helps her when her roommate takes off with everything.  Simon offers her a place to stay along with a deal that if she stops working and just does her studying that he will pay her instead of working.  Of course there is a little extra added to their deal that she has to sleep with him once.  
I really enjoyed this book and also found the secondary characters a joy to read about.  I hope they are getting stories too!