Everything for Her

Everything for Her - Alexa Riley

'Everything for Her' by Alexa Riley is book One in the "For Her" series. This is the story of Mallory and Miles 'Oz'. I read the second book in this series " "His Alone" and fell in Love with Ms. Riley's writing so I had to hunt this book down next and read it! This book did not disappoint me at all!! It had the Strong Obsessive Alpha Male Character that I had hoped for! It had the Strong, Sweet Caring Female Character that I had wished for too. Needless to say I had to read this in one sitting. I could not put this book down.
Mallory was a smart orphan child that was raised in the Foster care system. When she was a young teenager about to graduate, she was offered a sponsorship to College that she took. There she meet her best friend Paige. After college she was offered by the same company an Internship that she quickly took. So her and Paige moved to New York to start working. There she meets Miles who she calls Oz. Mallory starts to instantly like Oz and they start to see each other. But Mallory starts to figure out that something else has been going on with Oz's side of the relationship. Can Mallory forgive and forget once she realizes what been going on?

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