The Daring Duke

The Daring Duke: The 1797 Club - Jess Michaels

'The Daring Duke' by Jess Michaels is the First book in the "The 1797 Club". This is this is the story of James, Duke of Abernathe and Miss Emma Liston. The 1797 Club was started by James and his friends at school in the year 1797. The club is to help fellow Dukes grow into their position and to continue to help each other. They formed the Club after they saw how Jame's father treated and berated him. James didn't have a great childhood and has sworn off marrying anyone. Emma is a Wallflower who also has an upsetting family life. When Emma steps up to help Jame's sister Meg, it opens James up to helping Emma which started with a dance. Meg is taken with Emma and they become fast friends. Which has lead Meg to invite Emma to her house. This leads to James getting to know Emma better. This will supposedly be helping Emma gain attentions of single men with the end result that will lead to marriage. James is starting to find that Emma is different from other women he has known. But will he go forward with his growing feelings or live with the vow of never marring?
This was another hot and exciting read by Ms. Michael's!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."