Bedding the Highlander

Bedding the Highlander - Sabrina York

'Bedding the Highlander' by Sabrina York is the story of Kate and Kirk.  
Kate and her sister are trying to escape from their father and his plan to marry them to men they fell are beast!  So they go on the run on foot but when they try to steel some horses they find they have run into Kirk who has come to take Kate to her her soon to be husband.  Kirk is the brother of the man she is to marry.  Kate and her sister do not tell them who they are at first.  Kirk is pretty smart and their shouldn't be to many red headed ladies on the run!  Kate and Kirk are both attracted to each other right from the start.  But Kate is trying to protect her and her sister from their own family... much less this new family she is to be married into.   But Kirk has away with him that opens Kate up to starting to trust him and other people.
I am in love with Ms. York's Historical this was an easy read that did not disappoint.
I liked the main and secondary characters which adds to the enjoyment of this story.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."