Dark Protector

Dark Protector - Celia Aaron

'Dark Protector' by Celia Aaron is the story of Charlie and Con. Con is a harden person who does things that hurt his heart and sole. Con had a tough childhood where he learned most everything he does now from that childhood. There really seems to be no joy in his life and he just goes through the emotions of what he has to do. But he has found something that has awaking his heart and sole and that is Charlie. Con has yet to meet her and he knows with his dark actions he will never get that chance nor should he. So he sits in his car and watches Charlie from a far as she works in her Flower shop. But one day his love of watching her collides with his dark work. Now Con has to keep Charlie safe from those that want to hurt her to hurt him. But can Con give her up now that he is with her and getting to know her? Charlie has her own past history that makes her feel she has a dark cloud over her so she isn't this innocent person that Con thinks he needs to protect.
This is a Dark Type Romance...but if you are like me and love a strong heroine and a man who things he evil but turns to soft when he is with the women he loves...than this book is for you! Another great exciting read by Ms. Aaron! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."


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