Its You

It's You - Katy Regnery, K.P. Kelley

'It you' by Katy Regnery is book Two in the "It's You" series.  This picks up the story of Darcy and Jack and does end with their HEA.  I do strongly suggest you read the first book "It's You" before reading this one.  This book picks up with Darcy trying to deal with what Jack is and what his type of people do.  Although she doesn't want to she can't seem to stop wanting him or missing him.   Jack had to leave to deal with his half-sister who has threaten Darcy and her family.  Which leads him back to Darcy who he convinces to stay with him until the threat to her and her family is over.   When they are in such a short area together again they find they cannot ignore their feelings.   But Jack is still holding back some information from Darcy.  Jack and Darcy love is tested several times but they prove their love is true.  This is a must read for any Paranormal Romance Lover!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."