It's You

It's You - Katy Regnery, K.C. Kelley

'Its You' by Katy Regnery is book One in the "It's You" series.  This is the story of Darcy and Jack. Please make note that this book does continue their story in book two "It's You".  So be aware there  is a cliffhanger in this one to continue their story.  This book deals with Darcy point of view on how she and Jack shared a kiss when she was around fifteen years old.  Then Jack just up and left and never to be seen again until the present day Twenty Years later.  Jack comes comes to her cousin's wedding.   Darcy has what she calls vision since she was young and they seem to be getting worse. But now with her first meeting with Jack again she finds that she can read his mind and he can read hers.  Jack has secrets that have kept him away from Darcy but and Darcy wants to know what they are.  Darcy and Jack bond just grows stronger once they have their night together. But with Darcy wanting her questions answered and Jack not being clear with the answers...even getting caught not being truthful has caused issue.  Now Jack has to deal with more family issues and Darcy pulling back from him when she had sworn to never go away.  Can these two ever find peace?   This book really hooks you in once you start reading it.  If I had anything negative to say it would be the twenty years separation but other than that I truly enjoyed this story!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."