Beauty of the Beast


'Beauty of the Beast' by Rachel L. Demeter is book One in the "Fairy Tale Retellings" series. This is the story of Isabelle Rose and Prince Adam Delacroix. This did remind me allot of 'The Beauty and the Beast' story but with a much darker and hotter story line. Isabelle lived with her father and two step sisters. Isabelle had thought she fell in love with Raphael but soon learned that as handsome as he was he was actually a monster inside. Now she tries to do everything to avoid him and doesn't want to marry him. Isabelle step-sister are very mean to her in addition to the hardships she has to go through along with having her father very sick. Isabelle and her father go traveling where they are caught in a storm that leads them to Adams castle. Adam has his own issue that he is dealing with. Adam has cut himself off from everyone but one childhood friend. Adam was badly burned with his parents and sister died after being betrayed...their house caught on fire. Adam was the only one to get out along with his childhood friend. But the scars and they anger has left him a beast . So when Isabelle and her father come to his door he tries to turn them away. But Isabelle is not having that and goes on in. There her father does something that angers Adam and he puts him into the dungeon overnight. But with her father so sick and the weather they were out made it so that her father didn't survive the night. Adam plans on keeping Isabelle as his mistress and Isabelle is to upset to fight him. But along the way they start to interact and things start to change. But will Isabelle's past come back for her?
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."