Highland Tides by Chance

Highland Tides by Chance (Highland Chance Series Book 2) - S.R. Mitchell

'Highland Tides by Chance' by S.R. Mitchell is book Two in the "Highland Chance" series.  This is the story of Hamish and Anna.  Please be aware that this is a Time Travel type romance.  
Anna has lost her sister in a accident and now is somewhat lost.  They had planned to take a cruise together and now Anna has decided to go forward with that cruise.  Anna sees her sister appear a few times and it has somewhat spooked her so much so that she accidentally fell over in to the ocean while on the cruise.  When Anna wakes up she is being taken in by Hamish who takes her to his family home.  There she starts to learn what year it is and what is going on.  Hamish is starting to have feelings for Anna but will Anna choose to stay with him?  Can these two work it out and be able to be together?  "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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