'Nico' by Sarah Castille is book one in the "Ruin & Revenge" series. This is the story of Nico and Mia. This is a very exciting story with some heated romance for sure. Nico father died when he was about 18 years old at the hands of Mia's father. It was when they had went to confront Mia who was about 16 years at the time with a boy she was in loved with. There things turned ugly and Nico tried to protect Mia who inadvertently set off this chain of action. Nico father was trying to protect Nico when he was killed. They had not seen each other since and of course had set off a war of sorts between the family. Now in the present day Mia is a trying to get her computer security company off the ground when she was hired by one of Nico men to have her test their system. This put them back in contact with each other. They both are trying to fight the attraction they are feeling knowing that they are enemies. Mia was being force to go with her father to meet Tony who her father was making her marry. Mia was found out to be in the area of Nico by her family and now they have agreed to try and make peace by marring her to Tony who is Nico cousin. But Nico didn't learn of this until a few days before the meeting and Mia didn't know until the day of the meeting. But things go completely wrong at the restaurant as it did years ago. Someone cuts the lights off and starts shooting. Who will make it out and what will now happen with Nico and Mia? Such and exiting read that you don't want to put down.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."