Invitation to Christmas


'Invitation to Christmas' by Bonnie Edwards is the story of Jordyn and Tom.
Jordyn mom is dating Tom's dad. They meet on the first Christmas their parents are spending together. Tom is a little worried about his dad and that he is making to quick of a jump into a relationship after his mom died but has agreed to spend Christmas with them. Jordyn was going to be away for Christmas but after breaking up with her boyfriend and missing her mom she comes home to find Tom's family at her house for Christmas. Tom and Jordyn slowly hit is off that night and acknowledge that nothing can come of their feelings of attraction since it appears that they will be step brother and sister if things keep going so good for their parents. They do kiss but only to test the waters. This starts a friendship that follows them through until they can't seem to just be friends. This was a really enjoyable book!
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.