A Kiss at Christmastide


'A Kiss at Christmastide' by Christina McKnight is the story of Lady Pippa Godfrey and Lucas Hartfeld, the Earl of Maddox.
Lady Pippa and her best friend were to make their coming out but something happened that ended up putting Lady Pippa in a slight scandal.   Lady Pippa has put herself from the town's view and into one of her family's country Somerset estate.  Lady Pippa has been there a while awaiting the arrival of her parents for the Christmastide.  But the only thing to arrive is a bad storm and Hartfeld.  Hartfeld carriage has broken a wheel and is stuck in the mud of the storm.  Hartfeld is head to a Holiday party that his parents insist that he attends.  Hartfeld thinks the party will have his parents wanting him to become engaged to a certain lady there.  So he is in no hurry to attend and is happy enough to stay at Lady Pippa house.  But these two, have been battling their words and trying to fight a growing attraction.  
When I started reading this I had to know how it ended. I felt for Lady Pippa and how hard I am sure it was to try to trust and understand a close hurt that came to send her off into her own exile.  Hartfeld had a few things to work out too.  I loved these to together in addition to  their smart banter between them.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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