Destined for a King


'Destined for a King' by Ashlyn Macnamara is book one in the "The Bastard Brotherhood" series.
This is the story of Calista Thorne and Torch.  
Torch has come to overtake Calista father's keep and take her as his bride.  Torch has a secret to his identity and is trying to get back what should have been his.  Calista was trying to help her father secure the keep when she took to hit Torch with and arrow...but they were overcome but Torch and his men.  So to keep her father safe she was to heal Torch which she does. We watch the story unfold of Calista trying to deal with the information she is learning about Torch. Torch is trying to learn to trust Calista and still move forward with his plan to get back what should have been his.  Both Calista and Torch were headstrong people but overcome mistrust to become a great couple that I enjoyed seeing them come together.
I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.